Hemorrhoids - How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

Hemorrhoids - How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

How long do Hemorrhoids last? Am I going to live with it forever? These are questions that the sufferers may ask every doctor they know. This is because when a person has hemorrhoids they may go through some uncomfortable symptoms associated with this condition. Some of these signs can include bleeding, itching, burning, and in a few severe cases may develop pain. The sufferers often want to know the duration they have to face with the condition.

The Answer of How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last Depends on Numerous Factors:

Firstly, it's the frequency of having hemorrhoids. If you've previously had hemorrhoids for a few times, you are very likely to have it again. However, if it is new for you, then you may not have to worry about having it again. For those who often have it, the recovery length of next hemorrhoids increases. Eventually, this will end up chronic disease for you.

Another Fact Which Contributes to How Long Your Hemorrhoids Last is Actually Your Diet

It's recommend to have foods with high fiber and drink much normal water (recommended 8 glasses per day) to be able to speed up the healing process. This is a simple natural treatment you can do easily.

Apart from that, Courage is Important Too

Hemorrhoids are very awkward for everyone. That's why many sufferers keep it a secret and hiding themselves from a doctor. Without a proper treatment, the situation will get worse and healing process will take longer than it could be.



  • That's all for responses regarding how long do hemorrhoids last.
  • To sum up, it really is about how you take action against hemorrhoids.
  • You can't just let it happen and pray that you will recover some day.
  • The longer you wait can lead to longer painful period.

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